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EBO has teamed up with Project Recycle (a Colorado based 501c3) to donate bike wheels in support of their efforts to provide a constant in a life of change.  Project Recycle established two main programs for bike distribution. Their “Dream Bike Program” challenges children in the k-6th grade to earn a bike by improving in 3 areas:  Attendance, Respect and Academic Growth. Their “Bikes for Tykes Program” aims to fulfill the unmet needs of underprivileged, abused or neglected children throughout Colorado by donating bikes to those children.

When a customer replaces their existing parts with an EBO electric bike wheel and brakes, they have an opportunity to support this important organization.  Included with every kit, the customer will receive a return label to donate their extra wheel and brakes in exchange for a tax certificate form to write off their donation.

EBO is passionate about the mission of Project Recycle and believes everyone should have access to bicycles, especially children.  The world would be a better, more cheerful place!