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  • What are the major differences between the kits?
Motor Top Speed Peak Power Estimated Max Range Assist Type
36v 350w Hub Motor 20mph 612w 50 miles Pedal Assist and throttle
48v 350w Hub Motor 28mph 816w
60 miles Pedal Assist and throttle
48v 350w Mid-Drive Motor 25mph 816w 60 miles Pedal Assist Only
48v 500w Hub Motor 28mph 1056w 55 miles Pedal assist and throttle
48v 750w Hub Motor 28mph 1440w 50 miles Pedal assist and throttle
  • How much power do I need?
    • For most cyclists a 350w motor will provide adequate assistance for a majority of riding scenarios.
    • For cyclists who have more severe physical limitations, frequently ride hills or haul light cargo a 500w kit is recommended.
    • For cyclists hauling heavy loads on cargo bikes or pedicabs we recommend using a 750w motor.
  • Can I put a kit on my bike or trike?
    • Most bikes and trikes that use quick release axles or standard threaded bottom brackets are compatible with at least one of our kits.
      • EBO offers hub motors for 100, 130, 135, 145, 170 and 190mm quick release dropouts.
      • The Mountaineer Mid-Drive kit can be installed on most bikes and trikes with threaded 68 and 73mm bottom brackets.
    • We do not recommend installing a motor on full suspension or carbon fiber frames.
  • How does the assist work?
    • Hub motor kits have throttle and pedal assist options. You can choose to install one or both. All EBO hub motor kits use cadence based pedal assist. Throttle use may be prohibited in some areas.
    • The Mountaineer kit has only a torque based pedal assist option.
  • What tire width can I use on the hub motors?
    • 350w hub motors
      • Min = 1.125" (28mm)
      • Max = 2.25" (58mm)
    • 500w and 750w hub motors
      • Min = 1.5" (38mm)
      • Max = 2.4" (58mm)
  • Can I use my lights?
    • All EBO displays have a USB port that can be used to charge and power accessories. The Dolphin style batteries also have a USB port that can be used to charge accessories.
  • What kind of e-brakes should I use?
    • Most bikes with flat handlebars and cable actuated brakes can use the standard e-brake levers.
    • Bikes with integrated brake and shift levers require the e-brake sensor.
    • Some hydraulic disc brake models work with the e-brake sensor, but not all styles and brands are compatible.
    • There is not currently an e-brake option for drop bar brake levers.
  • What e-bike classification will this make my bike?
    • 36v systems with only pedal assist are Class 1 e-bikes.
    • 48v systems with only pedal assist are Class 3 e-bikes. Limiting the speed to 20mph will make it a Class 1 e-bike.
    • E-bikes with throttles will be Class 2.
    • Check your local e-bike regulations for more information.
  • What wire lengths do I need to know?
    • Battery to controller
    • Controller to motor
    • Controller to cockpit
      • Extensions for each component?
    • Controller to bottom bracket (for pedal assist)
    • Check EBO Hub Motor Wiring Diagram for more information.