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EBO Mountaineer Mid Drive Kit

Mid Drive Motor Kit
Mid Drive Motor KitMid-Drive DisplayMid-Drive BrakesMid-Drive Crank ArmsEBO 48V ChargerMid-Drive Speed SensorMid Drive Kit
Price: $1,780.00

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EBO® Mountaineer Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit

Atomic! This small and compact 48V 350W Mid Drive off-road kit is a powerhouse. Averages 30 miles in highest pedal assist level and a maximum speed of 25 mph. Range increases significantly to 30-50 miles with pedal assist.


Battery - 48V 12.8AH Lithium-ion Dolphin or Rack Battery (LG Cells) with Mounting Bracket and Charger
Battery Color - Black
Weight (lbs) - 6
Motor - 48V 350W Mid Drive Motor Kit
Motor Color - Black
Weight (lbs) - 7.5 with Crank and Crank Arms
BB Width - 68mm - 73mm
Display - VLCD5
Controller System - 17A Integrated
Max Torque (N.m) - 80
PAS - Torque Sensor
Speed Sensor - Outside
Crank Arm Speed (RPM) - 103
Max Speed (mph) - 25
Chain Ring T - 42

Item Number: 48V 350W MID DRIVE MOTOR, 48V 12.8AH BATTERY

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