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EBO E-Brakes

Electric Bike Brakes
Electric Bike BrakesElectric Bike BrakesBrakes Sensors
Price: $27.00

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EBO E-Brakes*

EBO Electric Bike Brakes with a clamp size of 22.2mm.  The e-brake sensors are disruptors that shuts off all power to the motor when activated.  The E-Brake Sensors are just the "sensor" that can be mounted to your existing bike brakes levers.  E-Brakes are complete replacement brakes that have the sensor integrated into the brake levers.  Available in black or silver.
  • E-Brakes (Standard Lines)
  • E-Brakes (EBO Julet Quick Connect Anti-Water Lines) - 380mm
  • E-Brake Sensors (EBO Julet Quick Connect Anti-Water Lines) - 380mm
Item Number: EBO E-Brakes

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