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EBO Burly

Electric Bike Kit
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Price: $1,125.00

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EBO Burly Electric Bike Kit

Designed for the rugged bike riders, this kit features a plastic battery case with an integrated controller.   It averages 20 miles with the 36V system and 30 miles with the 48V system without pedaling.  Maximum speed of 20 mph with the 36V system and a maximum speed of 28 mph with the 48V system.  Range will increase significantly to 30-60 miles with pedal assist modes.


Battery - 36V/48V 12.4AH Lithium-ion Dolphin Battery (LG Cell) with an Integrated Controller, Mounting Bracket and Charger
Electric Motor – 36V/48V 350W (614W/816W Peak Power) Brushless Geared Motor Disc or Pad Brake Type (Front or Rear Freewheel Type)
Open Sizes - 100mm, 120mm, or 135mm
Rim and Spokes Sizes
- 16", 20", 24", 26", 27.5", 28", 29" or 700C
Battery Colors - Black or White
Electric Motor Colors
- Silver or Black
Controller – 36V/48V 17A
Clamp Diameters - 22.2mm
Display – KT LCD3 U or KT LCD8S U with Integrated USB port (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors) 
Throttle – Thumb or Twist (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors)
E-Brake – Two motor disruptor brake levels (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors) or Disruptor Sensor.
Wiring - EBO/JULET Quick Connect Anti-Water Lines (Wire Harnesses Lengths: 1220mm front motor to controller or 305mm rear motor to controller, 720mm components to controller)  Other wire harness lengths are available upon request. 
Pedal Assist System - 1:1PAS with 5 Levels of Assist Modes, 8 Magnet Sensor

Item Number: 36V/48V 350W MOTOR, 36V/48V 12.4AH FLAT BATTERY

Product Reviews

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Absolutely Love It!
steve (Scottsdale, AZ) 4/14/2016 3:22 PM
I bought 2 Burly kits for boy my wife and I for our 20 & 30 year old mountain bikes. Together with more upright handlebars and comfortable seats, with the EBO assist kits we find that we really enjoy riding again. We're in our mid-50s and the kits just take all the stress off our joints, and hills or wind are no longer obstacles. I've put well over 500 miles on mine and now use my bike instead of the car for many trips using bike paths. The peddle assist really takes away all the negative of the bicycle, yet still preserves the exercise benefits depending on the assist setting. If you want more exercise put it on level 0, 1, or 2. If you don’t want to sweat and have great range, select level 4. And if you just want to be lazy put it on levels 4 or 5 and just enjoy the ride! You can easily change the settings on the fly. The kit was relatively easy to install. I now plan to sell my motorcycle as I get my "2 wheel fix" with my electric bike and enjoy it more especially when staying out of traffic on the bicycle paths.

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