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EBO 48V 750W Electric Hub Motor

Electric Bike Direct Drive Hub Motor
Electric Bike Direct Drive Hub MotorJulet Geared Hub Motor ConnectorDirect Drive Motor Standard Wiring
Price: $505.00

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Electric Bike Outfitters 48V 750W Electric Hub Motor.  All hub motors are disc brake compatible with freewheel threads.  Axle mounting hardware included.
48V 750W Rear Direct Drive Hub Motor

Rated Voltage (V): 48V
Rated Power (W): 750W
Max Torque (N.m) - 65
Wheel Size: 20" - 29"
Rated Speed: 28 mph
Rated Efficiency: <=80
Reduction Ratio:
Weight (Kg): 6
Spoke Specification: 12 gauge/13 gauge
Open Sizes: 100mm, 120mm, 135mm
Drive/Freewheel: 6-9 Gear Speed
Hall Sensors
Integrated Speed Sensor
Color: Black
Brake Type: V/Disc Brake

Item Number: EBO 48V 750W Electric Hub Motor

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