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EBO was born out of curiosity and a never-ending love of the bicycle. Sitting in traffic in my car on the way to work was simply killing me. While bicycling to work was an option on some days, it wasn’t something I could do every morning because of the long distance between my home and the office and the things I often had to transport. My wife and I had also recently had a child and taking him and all of his stuff on long weekend bike rides was getting harder and harder as he got older. Also, having a reduced lung capacity from chemotherapy treatments scarring my lungs was not helping the situation.  Finally, when my parents would come visit, they were limited on the distances they could ride a bike while touring the city with us.

All of these challenges around cycling sparked my interest in reading articles about the benefits of electric bikes. When I decided to outfit an old mountain bike I had sitting in the garage with an electric kit, I struggled to find all the information that would help me select the right model for my needs. There didn’t seem to be anyone available to consult with me, or answer questions. I knew there was a better way. 

With nineteen years experience as a Design and Manufacturing Engineer, I began evaluating and testing a multitude of electric bike kits, pushing them to their limits. After a rigorous process of testing and selecting the absolute best electric kits available, Electric Bike Outfitters was born.  

Each kit caters to different needs and different budgets and we have a team of experienced riders that can answer questions and help you select the best model. That's where the "outfitters" comes in.  We encourage questions, enjoy the collaboration, and look forward to the ripple effect of EBO smiling riders!

Today EBO has expanded into a 15,000' warehouse and has a few distribution locations across the U.S. 

-Jason Livingston

Smiling rider and founder of EBO