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EBO Phantom

Electric Bike Kit
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Price: $1,125.00

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EBO Phantom Electric Bike Kit

The sleekest and most unassuming electric bike kit EBO offers with the controller integrated into the small tube battery.  It averages 20 miles without pedaling at a maximum speed of 20 mph.  Range will increase significantly to 30-50 miles with pedal assist modes.


Battery - 36V 10AH Lithium-ion Tube Battery (Samsung Cell) with an Integrated Controller, Mounting Bracket and Charger
Electric Motor – 36V 350W (614W Peak Power) Brushless Geared Motor Disc or Pad Brake Type (Front or Rear Freewheel Type)
Open Sizes - 100mm, 120mm, or 135mm
Rim and Spokes
Sizes - 16", 20", 24", 26", 27.5", 28", 29" or 700C
Battery and Electric Motor Colors - Silver or Black
Controller – 36V 17A
Controller Storage - Integrated into the Small Tube Battery
Clamp Diameters - 22.2mm
Display – KT LCD3 U or KT LCD8S U with Integrated USB port (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors)
Throttle – Thumb or Twist (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors)
E-Brake – Two motor disruptor brake levels (EBO/JULET Quick Connectors) or Disruptor Sensor.
Wiring - EBO/JULET Quick Connect Anti-Water Lines (Wiring Harnesses Lengths: 1220mm front motor to controller or 305mm rear motor to controller, 712mm components to controller)  Other wire harness lengths are available upon request. 
Pedal Assist System - 1:1PAS with 5 Levels of Assist Modes, 8 Magnet Sensor
Item Number: 36V 350W MOTOR, 36V 10AH TUBE BATTERY

Product Reviews

(8 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great Commuting E-Bike Kit
John (Denver, CO) 5/2/2016 9:03 AM
I have over 3000 miles on my Phantom kit which is installed on a single speed. Figured it paid for its self around my 46th commute to work (around 1850 miles). Now it’s saving me money on every commute to work.
Happy E-Bike Owner
Eric Ferrell (Fishers, IN) 5/1/2016 3:45 PM
I own a 7 yr old Marin Coast Trail bike and added the Phantom e-bike kit. I ride mostly bike trails and roads. I'm not bike mechanically inclined at all but I installed the kit on my bike with few issues. I did reach out to EBO for some help and they provided the answers I needed to complete the install. I really like the pedal assist which helps extend my ride. On those occasions I use the all electric throttle I can get up to 23.5 mph. I like the option that if I want to use electric or pedal assist to get up big hills or help me stay out longer on nice days I can. When I let friends try out the bike they are blown away by the experience. I love riding my bike more now..
We Enjoy Our Phantom Kits
David Person (Thousand Oaks, CA) 4/30/2016 8:36 PM
I have purchased two EBO Phantom kits. The first one at the beginning of March to try on my Public D8i and to see if the battery would fit on my wife's Linus M8. After installing the kit on my bike and using it for a week or so I decided to purchase a second kit, as the battery fit was just fine on the Linus. Both kits are the front hub motor version, as both the bikes are equiped with Shimano 8 speed IGHs in the rear. The install is very clean, only two cables running from the front of the bike to the controller/battery mounted on the down tube. All the wires from the handlebar area (left and right e-brakes, throttle, and the KT-LCD3 display) plug into a pigtail with only one cable at the other end that runs down the down tube, back to the controller. The motor cable is the second cable running back to the controller. The PAS sensor mounted at the bottom bracket plugs into the third cable that exits the controller. Very clean. Jason and his crew at EBO have done a great job of getting the length of the cables just about right so that you don't end up feet of extra cable to deal with. I had about a foot or so excess cable from the motor that needed to be looped and zip tied to the seat tube down by the bottom bracket. On the Public, because it has full length chain guard with mount at the bottom bracket, in the same location that the PAS sensor mount is located, I needed to do some modifications to the chain guard bracket so that both it and the PAS bracket could be mounted together behind the fixed cup of the bottom bracket. I felt this was a better solution than mounting the PAS on the left side of the bottom bracket, which I guess is possible but would have been a more difficult modification that what I wound up doing. I should also mention that the Linus was equipped with a 46t front chainring, which make contact with the battery mount. I switched it out for a 42t, like what is on the Public, and the clearance was fine.

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